We offer a water softener salt delivery service within a 20 mile radius approximately of Amersham, Bucks

  • We can supply both tablet and block water softener salt at competitive prices. Tablet salt is available in either 25kg or 10kg bags and is suitable for all electric softeners. Block salt comes in 2x 4kg packs and is suitable for all block salt softeners including M2 Minimax, Kinetico and Harvey.
  • We go the extra mile to deliver salt when you want it and put it exactly where you want it
  • When we deliver we will gladly check on your softener or drinking water system free of charge to ensure they are still supplying high quality water
  • We will also advise you on any problems with your system free of charge and fix any minor problems on the spot

Postcodes covered:

HP (all), SL (all), WD (all), HA (all)

OX 9, OX39, OX49, RG 9, RG10, AL1, AL2

W3, W4, W5

block softener salt tablet softener salt
Free salt delivery area