A popular choice amongst customer’s who have limited space to site a Water Softener.

M2 water softeners logo

The M2 Minimax Block Salt Softener is designed specifically for the plumbing requirements of the UK market. It is manufactured in England by Harvey Softeners.

Unlike a conventional softener, which is programmed to re-generate at night, the M2 Minimax Block Salt Softener re-generates on demand.

When one cylinder is exhausted after softening 400 litres of water, it re-generates whilst leaving the second cylinder to continue giving lovely soft water.

M2 water softeners cutaway
The M2 Minimax Block Salt Softener requires no electricity and is powered by water pressure.

It is probably the smallest water softener on the market. Its’ twin cylinder design makes it very narrow at just 212 mm (8.5 inches). It will comfortably sit under or next to the kitchen sink.

The M2 Minimax Block Salt Softener is convenient to load

It uses blocks of salt rather than conventional salt tablets. These are supplied in packs of two. Weighing just 8 Kg, they are popular with customers that do not want to lift and pour heavy bags of tablet salt into the softener.

M2 block salt softener loading salt