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Enjoy better tasting water with less concern about contaminants and additives by installing a drinking water treatment system

If you do not like the taste and odour of your drinking water or if you want to remove contaminants  like chlorine or heavy metals or nitrates then you should consider having a drinking water system installed. Sterling Softeners supply and install a number of different systems ranging from basic filters to more elaborate Water Purifiers. All of the filter systems we sell are compatible with all of the taps in our extensive tap range.

Quick Change water filter system

Our Omnipure quick change water filter system is a popular choice. This system can be quickly plumbed into your existing drinking water supply. A separate drinking water tap provides clean fresh drinking water on tap 24 hours a day. There is a choice of two filter cartridge types: Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Cartridge which removes chlorine and odours,  or a cartridge that in addition, also contains a scale inhibitor to reduce scale build up in your kettle. The Omnipure system requires an annual filter change. The system is very compact and you can choose any drinking water tap from our extensive range.

Pentek 10″ Filter Housing Systems

The Range of Pentek 10″ Filter Housings take all standard 10″ Filter Cartridges. You can choose from Granular Activated Carbon which will remove sediment, chlorine and odours or add a phosphate dose for scale reduction or one of the many specialist filters for removal of lead, other heavy metals and nitrates. Typically filters need changing every 6 months. The Housings are available in three sizes: Choose 3/8″ to connect to a drinking water tap, 1/2″ to connect to a kitchen mains tap or 3/4″ to treat the whole house.

Water filter housing system
Reverse Osmosis Systems

In our opinion, the best system on the market for purifying drinking (and cooking) water is an Ecowater ERO375 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System. The system works by forcing water under pressure through a semi permeable membrane which filters out up to 95% of of all contaminants and additives. So as well as providing clean, great tasting drinking water, the Ecowater system removes both organics like herbicides and in-organics like metals and hardness minerals and biological contaminants like algae, bacteria and viruses. Reverse Osmosis water is significantly purer than any bottled water and per litre costs a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

The ERO375 features enclosed filters for quick filter change, simply unscrew the old cartridge and screw in the new cartridge, with no need to turn off the water supply. The system will produce up to 50 litres of water a day, and you can choose any tap from our extensive range.

Ecowater Water Systems drinking water system
Filter replacement  service

If you already have a drinking water system then Sterling Softeners carry a wide range of replacement filters from most manufacturers including Franke, Culligan, Dalton, Ecowater, 3-M, Pentek and Omnipure. We offer a filter reminder service whereby we will tell you when your filter needs replacing and deliver or fit a new filter for you. Call or e-mail us for our latest filter prices.

Omnipure cartridge

You can choose to have a separate drinking water tap, or you can change your main sink tap for a three way tap which supplies hot, cold and filtered water all from the same tap. Click on the button below to see our full range of taps.

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Kitchen tap for water softeners
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