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Ecowater is the world’s largest softener manufacturer and produces high quality products that will last for 15 years or more

The range of Ecowater Water Softeners is highly economical with salt usage. On average a 25kg bag will last one person 6 months

Compact Water Softener – ESM9+

The right choice for smaller households with up to 3 people and 1 or 2 bathrooms. Is small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard, but still has the capacity to soften up to 1690 litres of water ( 10 man days) before needing to re-generate.

Height: 552mm Depth: 430mm
Width: 325mm Salt storage: 20kg

Family Water Softener – ESM11+

Our most popular model in Ecowater water softeners range, suitable for families of up to 5 people and 2 bathrooms. Can fit into a kitchen cupboard and has a maximium softening capacity of 2400 litres of water (15 man days) before needing to re-generate.

Height: 668mm Depth: 430mm
Width: 325mm Salt storage: 32kg

Larger Home Softener – ESM15+

For larger household of 5+ with 2 or 3 bathrooms , or where customers require a greater salt storage capacity. Will fit under a standard kitchen worktop and has a generous maximum softening capacity of 3667 litres (23 man days) between re-generations.

Height: 838mm Depth: 430mm
Width: 325mm Salt storage: 45kg

High Demand Softeners – 3500 Series

3500 R30 : The largest capacity Ecowater domestic water softener and is also suitable for light commercial applications. It has a larger 1″ valve for higher flow rates so is highly recommended for large properties and especially those with larger diameter pipework (28 or 35 mm). Supplied with a Hydrolink remote monitor as standard.

Height: 1143mm Depth: 508mm
Width: 355mm Salt storage: 90kg

Optional Wi-Fi provides information at your fingertips

Ecowater water softeners new option for a Wi-Fi enabled softener means your EcoWater softener can communicate with you on your mobile device. This includes:

  • Salt top up alerts
  • Water usage alerts
  • Usage and performance information
  • Remote support for extra peace of mind