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Trust one of the World’s Largest Manufacturers…

Ecowater Water Systems

…The range of eVOLUTION water softeners offer tailored solutions to suit any size of home.

Smart Design and Smart Technology –
  • eVOLUTION’s unique smart technology provides soft water on demand and adapts to your home and lifestyle based on your patterns of water use. This means it provides a cost-efficient and long lasting solution to your hard water problems.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – manage your water softener from almost anywhere via your mobile device.
  • Real time salt sensor – means the softener will let you know when you need to top
    up with salt.
  • eVOLUTION’s single valve provides high flow rates without water flow interruption.
Reliable –
  • For 90 years EcoWater has been at the forefront of innovation, offering quality products and superior service.
  • Unlike other manufacturers, EcoWater makes everything itself, designing, engineering and manufacturing 95% of its softeners and components in its ISO9001 quality accredited facilities.

Efficient –

  • eVOLUTION water softeners run at optimal efficiency in terms of both salt and regeneration water use: up to 50% less running costs per year compared to conventional water softeners. Typical running costs for a family of 4 is £6.50 a month.
eVOLUTION Compact Water Softeners

 The eVOLUTION Compact 100 and 200 are ideal softeners for the family home where space is at a premium. Both models will fit into a kitchen cupboard.  The compact 100 is for smaller families (up to 4 people) whilst the 200 has the softening capacity for up to 6 people.

Compact 100 Compact 200
Height (mm) 555 680
Width (mm) 325 325
Depth (mm) 430 430
Max Softening Capacity (litres) 1467 2100
eVOLUTION Compact 100 and 200 Range
eVOLUTION Boost and Power Water Softeners

The eVOLUTION Boost 300 and Power 500 are specifically designed for larger homes and busy households. These high capacity, high flow softeners deliver consistent soft water without compromising the flow rates often needed when demand for water is high.

Boost 300 Power 500
Height (mm) 880 1140
Width (mm) 355 355
Depth (mm) 510 510
Max Softening Capacity (litres) 3200 6233
eVOLUTION Boost 300 and Power 500 Range
EcoWater eVOLUTION Brochure
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In light of the coronavirus situation, we won't be able to deliver or undertake any softener installations for the time being. As soon as the situation changes we'll be happy to get back out on the road to you. In the meantime stay safe and watch our website for updates.