Hague Water Softeners – Performance and Efficiency

Hague Water Softeners – Performance and Efficiency2018-04-30T07:54:37+01:00

The Hague Water Softener is probably the most efficient water softener on the market, combining a compact size with a high capacity

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In tests Hague Water Softeners used approximately 50% of the salt that most other softeners use. Over a 20 year life that is a considerable saving in salt costs

The Hague also benefits from being able to take either block salt or tablet salt. Other features of the Hague include a built in water filter so that the softener does not get clogged up with sediment and other particles in your water supply

The Hague Maximiser 410 is suitable for homes with up to 6 people. Dimensions: Height 533mm, Width 292mm, Depth 470mm

For larger residential or commercial properties, Hague Water Softeners Maximizer 7180 offers all of the salt and water saving benefits of the Maximizer 410, with very high flow rates, suitable for 1 inch connections, and a larger salt cabinet. Again compact in nature, the Hague Maximizer out performs its larger bulkier rivals