Sterling Water Softeners

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The Sterling water softener range are our own brand and are assembled in the UK

The the Sterling water Softeners timed (T) version re-generates after a pre-set number of days and is designed for households where daily water consumption is relatively constant. Whilst the more advanced metered (M)version re-generates after a certain volume of water has been softened and is designed for households where daily water consumption is variable. You can expect the Sterling water softener range to last around 10 years and they come with a 3 year warranty as standard

sterling water softeners

There are two different sizes available depending on the size of your family and water usage

Model Capacity Capacity Dimensions
(litres @ 300 ppm) (litres) (H x W x D)
C10M (or T) 1667 10 530 x 275 x 460
C15M (pr T) 2500 15 666 x 275 x 460
Covid 19 update: We are open but offering a limited service so please do get in touch with us. We assure you we will be strictly following Government guidelines to keep you and our staff safe.

In light of the coronavirus situation, we won't be able to deliver or undertake any softener installations for the time being. As soon as the situation changes we'll be happy to get back out on the road to you. In the meantime stay safe and watch our website for updates.