Which Water Softener?

Which Water Softener?

There are numerous Water Softeners on the market ,available from multiple suppliers. The choice of quality levels, performance, warranty and price can be daunting. You could purchase online, go to a Plumbers or Builders Merchant or purchase directly from a manufacturer, but you will not be getting independent  impartial advice from any of these sources. A water softener will protect your home and family for many years, so it’s important that you make the right choice. All our Water Softeners have been tried and tested by us and we are confident that they are all best in class. What’s more we back up our products with longer warranties and outstanding after sales service.

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Our favourite water softeners.  Ecowater systems are the world’s leading domestic water softener manufacturer.  We have been supplying these high quality machines for over 25 years. Typically they will last for 20 years or more. They  require only occasional servicing and are extremely efficient. The Ecowater range take tablet salt and for a family of four, the average cost to run an Ecowater is around 50% of the cost of machines using block salt. The Evolution Range from Ecowater now offers Wi-FI connectivity so that you can  manage your water softener from almost anywhere via your mobile device. All Ecowater machines are supplied with a 5 year manufacturer’s parts warranty. Click for more


The UK’s best selling softener and the only completely UK manufactured softener on the market. The Harvey machines are completely different from our other softeners in that they do not require electricity, and are very compact and slim(due to their twin tank design), so will easily fit under kitchen sinks. If the only place you can locate a softener is under the sink, then this is probably the best option for you. The Harvey takes block salt. All Harvey machines bought through us come with a 10 year parts warranty as standard. That’s a massive 7 year’s more than if you were to purchase a Harvey direct from the manufacturer.


For their  Compact size the Hague machines are probably the highest capacity machines on the market . Even the smaller machine (410 Maximiser) will cope with households of 6 people. If you have a 28mm water main and limited space to fit a water softener, then the Hague is the best choice for you. The Hague is the only softener we supply that can take either block or tablet salt. All Hague machines are supplied with a 3 year manufacturer’s parts warranty.


Our own brand for customers who need a water softener, but want a cheaper option to the highest quality manufacturer brands. The Sterling Soft is built from mainly USA parts and assembled for us in the UK. It will give you 100% softened water (like a more expensive machine), is very reliable,  but typically it won’t last as long (average around 10 years)  and is not as efficient at salt usage, using on average 25% more salt than our other brands. All our Sterling Soft machines come with a 3 year parts warranty.